Is your savings account just not cutting it anymore?

10 Feb 2020

Savings Inflation is falling and with it interest rates for savings accounts. Very few banks can beat inflation with the interest rates they are offering, and those that do, want you to lock your money down for long periods. This leaves you with no access to your savings when you need it in case of an emergency.

Many savers are moving away from traditional savings accounts and looking for better interest earning alternatives that include access to their funds when they need it. 

The growing fintech industry is breaking the mould on how we save and offering many low-cost savings and investments apps.

Catalyst by deVere, is a modern savings and investment product that helps you build a globally diversified, low-cost and long-term portfolio.

Catalyst was created as a simple savings platform with the everyday person on the street in mind. It allows you to invest any extra cash in dVAM funds at lower costs, without committing to an investment period.

We’ve simplified investing for you

With dVAM funds, you get exposure to internationally diversified markets. Also, you get to choose the risk level of your investment.

Some features include:

• Invest a lump sum or monthly contributions as and when you have spare cash
• Easy to withdraw your money at any time without any penalties or delays
• Real time fund performance updates
• Easily compatible with other deVere apps
• View your transactions and balance anytime
• A wealth forecast calculator

*Catalyst does not offer investment advice. It is a non-advice execution only app, and any decisions made are of your own choice. With any investment, your capital will always be at risk. If you are uncertain, then seek financial advice.

Download the catalyst app now or chat to your deVere Acuma adviser about this fantastic savings opportunity. [email protected]

Please note, the above is for education purposes only and does not constitute advice. You should always contact your deVere Acuma adviser for a personal consultation.

* No liability can be accepted for any actions taken or refrained from being taken, as a result of reading the above.