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Now for a limited time you can create a UK valid Last Will and Testament through our online platform. This service is complimentary for our clients paid for by deVere CEO Nigel Green, and just £15 for everyone else for a limited time (£99 VALUE). With this legally valid Will, you can provide security and certainty for yourself, your assets and your dependants. Being fully authorised and regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority, deVere Wills is a name you can trust. Ensure nothing is left to chance, secure your assets today. Contact your advisor to get your coupon code for free will.

Create your Will in 15 minutes





Create a UK valid (advance decision) Living Will through our online platform. Modern medicine now means that life can be sustained, past the point at which a basic equality of life is enjoyed, through life sustaining treatment. An Advanced Decision Living Will means that you can request certain life sustaining treatments to be refused, should you not be able to make them. These wishes will be communicated to your family, carers and health professionals.


Create a UK valid Property and Financial Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Unfortunately, through illness, old age or accidents, we can become unable to make or communicate decisions. Having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) makes the management of your affairs significantly easier if you become unable to do so. Our online platform ensures you can pass crucial decision making to someone you trust, should you lose the ability.

Create your Will in 15 minutes


The process of writing a Will can be difficult. Thankfully, this guide will take you step-by-step through the process to ensure your Will includes everything necessary.
The first stage of Will writing involves creating a list of all your assets, this is also known as your estate. Inside this list you must include your property, your wealth and all your possessions. Write down an estimated value of your assets, based on what you believe they are worth.
Start by calculating the value of the assets – the easiest to calculate are your savings and pension along with valuable possessions for example your watches or other jewellery. You should also include your property inside this category. The value of these assets are generally non-volatile, meaning their value stays relatively constant.

n.b. the inclusion of the value of your pension depends on the associated death benefits for the given scheme.
If you are unsure on the death benefits associated with your pension – follow this link to receive a complimentary pension review.


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The above Services are provided through Affiliated Companies. Should you be interested in any of these services, deVere Acuma Insurance Brokers LLC will introduce you to the appropriate service provider.

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