Share your Goals – the kick start to making them a reality

05 Jan 2021

Our entire life journey is made up of goals, Even more so when it comes to our financial journey.

  • Retirement goals
  • Investment goals
  • Savings goals for a deposit on a home, a new car, or that dream vacation

However, sticking to these goals is a challenge to say the least. 

Having a good support structure of friends, family and colleagues could be the factor that makes you see your goals through to fruition.  We need to share our goals if we want then to realise.


Accountability – By sharing our goals with someone, they hold us accountable and constantly ask how the goal is going. We don’t want to lose face and double our efforts to stick to the goal.

Clarity – Sharing our goal helps us to set out parameters for it. The more we talk about and discuss it, the more detail we can add and the clearer our goal becomes. Friends could also act as a sounding board for you and give ideas to improve your goals. Two heads are better than one. Clear goals that you can visualise are easier to achieve.

Regular progress updates – The people you tell about your goal, will want regular updates on its progress. They will nag you constantly and keep you committed for the long haul. These nagging questions are a good way to measure progress and help achieve smaller goals. You can celebrate these small milestones with friends, and it will give you the confidence boost you need.

Encouragement – Encouragement is what drives us forward. Encouraging words from friends, family and colleagues can help keep us motivated when we are on the verge of giving up. 

Partner? – By telling people about your goals, you may inadvertently gain a partner with similar goals who wants to take the journey with you. It’s like having a gym buddy or a running partner. You encourage each other to do better and there might even be some healthy competition to motivate you. (parts taken from

No matter what your goals are, whether it’s climbing the property ladder, saving for a luxurious retirement, or buying that sports car, sharing them will force you to get proactive and start the journey to achieving them. [email protected]

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